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October 19, 2012
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Clothes Shopping
~~~~ 11 Years Old ~~~~
"PAPA!" you shout from your room.

"What?" he called back from downstairs.

"Um, do you think we could go clothes shopping?" you ask as you head downstairs dressed in a large T-shirt and baggy shorts.

"Hm? Why?" he asks curiously.

"Uh... well..." you say trailing off. "All my clothes have gotten too small." you say.

"Um, yeah we'll go shopping later today." he says.

You nod. "Okay." you say. You head back upstairs and brush your hair and teeth. Then, you hear the doorbell ring. "Coming!" you shout. You run downstairs and you open the door to see Antonio, Gilbert, and Francis. "Oh, hey guys." you say.

"Hola (F/N)!" Antonio exclaims happily as he pulls you in for a tight hug.

"Hi Uncle Toni." you say smiling. You pull away from the hug. "Papa!" you call.

"What is it?" he asks.

"Uncle Toni and his friends are here!" you exclaim.

All you hear is Lovino marching towards the door. He didn't seem very happy about them being here. "What the hell are you perverts doing here?!" he shouts.

"W-well, w-we just came to s-say hello." Antonio says.

"Okay, you've said hello, now bye!" Lovino yells.

"And we heard that (F/N) needs to go shopping." Francis adds.

"Where the hell did you hear that?!" both you and Lovino shout.

"Like father like daughter...." Gilbert mutters.

"We... just found out...." Francis says.

Your eyes widen. "You perverts!" you shout. You run upstairs. God, those men were absolutely filthy!

Lovino glared at the three men. "Now look! You've upset her!" he snaps.

The three men almost looked guilty. "I'm sorry Lovi, I just want to help little (F/N) out..." he mutters.

Lovino sighs. "Fine, you can help pick out some clothes for (F/N), but first you guys have let me talk to her." he says. "No interruptions." he warns.

The three men nod and step inside the house. "Okay." they say in unison.

Lovino heads upstairs and knocks on your door. "(F/N), can I come in?" he asks.

"Yeah, sure." you say as you open the door.

Lovino walks into your room and sits next to you on the bed. "Look, they may be perverted bastards, but they really just want to help." he says.

"I know..." you mutter.

"They really want to help you with the the clothes thing." he says. "Will you let them come with us?" he asks.

You nod. "Yeah, they can come." you say.

You walk downstairs with Lovino. "So? What did she say?" Antonio asks hopefully.

"She said you three can come." Lovino says.

The three men looked overly happy. "But, if you pick out ANYTHING that is way too slutty, then you three better run." you threaten.

The three men nod. "Yeah, okay." Francis says nervously.

You all get into the car and drive to the mall. "Okay, so I guess we just look around." you say. You walk towards the teen's section of the store, and you look around a bit. You grab two shirts, and three pairs of jeans. Once you try them on you come out of the dressing room with a grin on your face.

"Do the clothes fit?" Lovino asks you.

You nod. "Yes papa." you say.

"Good. Now let's find those three perverts." he says.

You nod in agreement. "Okay." you say.

You walk around, and finally you see Antonio, Gilbert, and Francis. "Hola chica!" he exclaims holding a dark purple tee. "Do you like it?" he asks you.

You nod happily. Purple was you favorite color. "Yes, yes I do Antonio." you say smiling.

Gilbert walks over to you, and he's holding a pair of jean shorts. "What about these?" he asks.

You nod. "Yeah, I like those too." you say smiling.

And then you see Francis holding up a pink mini skirt. "Well?" he asks smirking.

You narrow your eyes at him. "No Francis." you say sharply.

You walk to a check out line and pay for the clothes, and finally you all go home. And yes, Francis pouted for the whole ride back.
Hello lovelies~
So, I\'m going to try to update every Friday from now on. :) Hopefully, I can do that. :)
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