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March 26, 2012
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First Day Of School

~~~ 5 years old ~~~

You woke up at around 7:00 AM on a chilled September day. "Yay! It's my first day of kindergarten!" you say happily as you get dressed. For the first day of school you picked out a pair of knee length jean shorts and a (favorite color) T- shirt and your sneakers.

"(Name)! Breakfast!" Lovino calls as you finish getting dressed.

You skip down the stairs happily. "Good morning papa!" you say happily as you take a seat at the table.

"Are you ready for your first day of school?" he asks smiling a little. It was strange, it seems like just yesterday he found (name) on his porch, and now she's going to school.

"Of course I'm ready papa." You say as you swallow a mouthful of lucky charms cereal.

"How did I know you were going to say that?" Lovino asks. "But remember (name), you have to treat everybody with respect." Lovino says seriously.

You look at Lovino. "Papa, Antonio  told me about your first day of school… and he said you weren't respectful at all." You say.

Lovino sighs. "Well (name), just please be respectful, and don't act like I did when I was in school." Lovino says clearing the table.

You headed to the bathroom to brush your hair and brush your teeth. Afterwards you headed to the living room to get your backpack. "Papa it's almost time to go." You say.

"Coming!" he calls from the kitchen.

Soon Lovino leads you to the car and you get in the back seat. As your father drove you were unusually quiet. "Papa I'm a little nervous." You admit.

He smiles a little. "I know (name). Every kid gets nervous when the first day of school comes around." He says.

Soon your father pulls into a parking space and leads you into the school building. "Let's go and introduce you to the teacher (name)." Lovino suggest as he leads you to the classroom.

You look around the classroom and you spot a very pretty woman who must be the teacher. You tug on your father's sleeve. "Papa, I see the teacher." You say.

"Okay, let's go say hi." He says as he leads you towards her.

The lady turns to face you and your father. "Oh hi! I'm Ms. Bella. And you must be (name)!" she says happily.

You smile. "Yup that's me!" you say cutely.

"Oh how cute! And you must be her father Mr. Lovino Vargas right?" she says now looking at your father.

"Correct." He says. "Now what time will I pick her up?" he asks.

"You'll pick her up at around noon." The teacher says.

Your father nods and turns to you. "Well have a great day today (name), and I'll pick you up at noon." Lovino says as he kisses your forehead and walks out the door.

"Well (name) why don't you go over and play with Ravis over there." Ms. Bella says happily as she points to a boy playing with legos.

"Okie dokie!" you say smiling as you skip over to the boy. "Hi, I'm (name)" you say smiling at the boy.

He looks up at you. "Hi (name), I'm Ravis. Do you want to build lego buildings with me?" he asks smiling.

"Sure." You say as you grab a handful from the bin. "So what are you making?" you ask.

"I'm making a super cool spaceship." He says smiling.

"Cool, I'll probably make a little Italian café." You say. As you start building.

Soon time flies and you see your father walk into the classroom. "(Name) your father is here." Ms. Bella says.

"Okay. Bye Ravis." You say as you skip over to Lovino.

"How was school?" he asks.

"It was AWESOME!" you say. "I met a really nice boy named Ravis." You add.

"That's great (name)." Lovino says smiling as he leads you to the car. You hop into the backseat and fall asleep. Lovino smiles at the adorable sight. "Looks like someone got tuckered out at school." Lovino says smiling.
Chapter 3 is finally finished, and yes the rest of the Bad Touch Trio will be introduced in future chapters... I just don't know when. Basically all the main characters will appear so no need to ask. :3 And yes I used Latvia as the little boy. I could have used sealand... but I just don't like him so... ya I used latvia. :| Well, hope you like it and chapter 4 will be up later tonight hopefully.

Hetalia~ Hidekaz Himaruya
You~ You
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itachilover1003 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Me: papa i met a non-bastard....

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Me: *in British accent for some reason * oh but father I did, and he was rather handsome! Can we keep him.


me: so that's a yes...
gymleader97 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013
Lovi's head: SHE MET A BOY!

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