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March 25, 2012
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Request Papa!LovinoxLittle!Reader

~~~ 1 year old ~~~

The basket you were in was placed on a porch and your mother just left you there. She was gone… forever. You had no idea where you were or if anyone would find you. So all you did was sleep in your little basket till morning.

~~~~~~~~ Morning ~~~~~~~~

Lovino woke up and went downstairs. "God I hate Mondays." He mutters as he opens the door to get the newspaper, but instead of the newspaper he finds you in a small basket. "What the hell is this?" he asks himself.

You opened your eyes to look at the Italian. "Papa!" you exclaimed flailing your arms.

"Papa?" Lovino repeats. "No way, I'm no one's 'papa'." He says.

You smile cutely. "Papa!" you say again.

Lovino sighs. "Okay let's get you inside before you get sick." He says picking up the basket. "Let's see if there's a name tag or something." He mutters searching for a nametag. "Ah here we go." He says taking out a slip of paper.

Hello Mister or Misses. This is my daughter (name), please take care of her for I am to poor to raise her on my own. Thank you. ~Anonymous

"Strange… but whatever. Oh god what smells?" he says sniffing the air. He looks at you. "Oh… you need a diaper change?" he asks.

You just smile oblivious to the current situation. "Smelly!" you say.

"Yeah… smelly is right." He says. "Well I have to get diapers, so looks like I'll have to call that Spanish bastard." He says taking out his cell phone.

"Hola Lovi!" Antonio says happily.

"Hey, look this baby was dropped off at my house and I need to get diapers. Do you think you could watch her?" he says flatly.

"Oh Lovino did you get some poor girl pregnant?" Antonio asks.
"No! This baby just appeared on my doorstep! Now just come over here you bastard!" Lovino yells.

"Okay, okay I'll be right there." Antonio says hanging up.

~~~ Le Time Skip To When Antonio Comes Over ~~~

"Lovi I'm here!" Antonio calls.

Lovino walks in carrying you. "Okay, I need to get some diapers, baby food, on formula, and bottles." Lovino says handing you to Antonio.

"Spanish bastard." You say giggling.

"And where did you learn that language (name)?" Antonio asks in surprise.

"Papa." You say innocently.

Antonio looks at Lovino. "Lovi, you should really be careful about what you say around (name). She picks up the words you use." Antonio says.

"Whatever." Lovino says as he walks out the door.

"So (name) I guess this means I'm your Uncle Antonio!" he says excitedly. He carries you upstairs. "Hm I wonder where you'll sleep?" Antonio says. Then an idea came to him he'll get Lovino's old crib from storage. "Okay so we're going to take a small road trip." Antonio says as he walks out the door with you in his arms. After Antonio comes home with the crib he see's Lovino.

"BASTARD WHERE WERE YOU?!" he screams.

"I was getting the crib so (name) would have a place to sleep in." Antonio says.

"And you didn't call me before taking (name) with you?!" Lovino says taking you away from Antonio.

"I'm sorry Lovi." Antonio mutters.

Lovino sighs. "It's fine Antonio, it's just I was worried about my little girl." He says smiling at you.

Antonio smiles at the adorable sight. "Well I better go Lovi." Antonio says walking out the door.

Lovino changes your diaper and looks at his watch. "It's already 4:30 pm? Wow…" he says. He puts you in the crib and kisses your forehead. He sings a little lullaby to lull you to sleep. Once he sees that you're asleep he wishes you sweet dreams.
Requested by :iconslifofinadragon: Hope you all like it! I'm probably going to make this a series so no need to ask.

Hetalia~ İHidekaz Himaruya
You~ You
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